2012 marks a momentous year for women in politics. This year, we have the opportunity to rise above the GOP’s attempts to set women’s rights back and turn 2012 into Women’s Historic Year.

I’m so excited that in 2012 we have more women running for the US Senate than ever before, which means that the support of organizations such as EMILY’s List will be more important than ever. This election cycle, EMILY’s List will be supporting a record number of women — and I am so proud to be among them. From Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts to Mazie Hirono in Hawaii to our record 6 women running for re-election to the Senate all around the country, I know that the women running this year will serve as a catalyst for change in Washington. As more and more women get off the sidelines, run for office and win, women will provide the strength and leadership Washington needs to get our nation back on the right path.

We all know that Washington is not working the way it should — the way our families and the middle class need it to. That’s why I created Off The Sidelines as a call to action to women to get involved in the political process and make their voices heard. Whether it’s registering to vote, volunteering for a candidate who shares your values or running for office yourself, it’s so important that women realize that they can make a difference and that their voices matter.