Eric- Refer to D.A. for actions directed towards The Liberty Building and its owners. Because of Jamies employment termination and last Saturdays main place mall experience. Proposal PASSED

Eric- “JOBS FOR JAMIE”, Upon Jamie’s request at a later time the community step forward to offer Jamie a job. Proposal PASSED

Bob- $100 for tolls and parking for trip top conference in D.C.  Receipts provided and extra cash returned. Proposal PASSED.

AL- after G.A. Saturday O.B. take a group trip to the location of the proposed house for our central location (17 south Hampton) Brian P. to document and post pictures of site online for those who wont be able to make it. Proposal to prepare for vote at Monday’s G.A. Proposal PASSED

Bumper- O.B. support Anonymous Proposal TABLED

Steve- Formulation of G.A. work group responsible for Taking and posting G.A. minutes, and posting location. Point person ***Steve Bell, Al Alerton, Rick Mezerk*** proposal PASSED

Brian P.- The location of G.A. not be changed less than 24 hours and broadcast online and via text message. Proposal PASSED