When it comes to the NHL trade deadline, most of the players that are in trade discussions are those whose contracts expire at the end of this season, rental players. Team management wants to see what kind of assets they can get for these expiring contracts by sending them to teams that are looking to fill holes in order to make a run at The Cup.
In the world of a salary cap NHL, teams are now looking to jettison dead weight in the form of players they perceive to be overpaid based on their present value and performance.
This goes beyond the players who are unrestricted free agents come July 1st. Teams also look to move players at positions where they perceive themselves to be exceptionally deep regardless of their contract length.
Here’s a look at some players that are under contract at least through the 2012-13 season that could have a new address by the February 27th trade deadline.

Jeff Carter – C/W – Columbus Blue Jackets
The Jeff Carter experiment in Columbu…