The Buffalo Sabres overcame some adversity for the first time in a while with a 4-3 comeback win over the NY Islanders.
The Sabres fell behind early in the first period 3-1 and eventually fought back for the 4-3 shootout victory. They didn’t panic and that can most assuredly be attributed to the lonstanding steady hand of their coach Lindy Ruff. The team also got a very solid contribution from Paul Gaustad tonight.
Lets not get too crazy just yet, though. The Islanders did get a point in the game and the Sabres are 10 points back as we speak, but they do seem to be gaining momentum. They have gotten 7-8 possible points in their last four and seem to be putting together a bit of a run.
Ryan Miller settled down after a rough opening twenty minutes and held the Islanders scoreless for the rest of the game, including a power play in overtime. The offense was powered by the unlikely Paul Gaustad even though his mark on the score sheet was a lone goal. He was dominant in just abou…