With Stan Bowman appearing to be dragging his feet so much around this year’s trade deadline, which is a thin market to begin with, many have resorted to ridiculous rumors to spice things up.
One of those rumors, which has been mentioned quite a bit going back even to last season, is the idea of sending Patrick Kane to his hometown team, the Buffalo Sabres, in exchange for Ryan Miller.
At first, sure that deal could make sense. The Blackhawks need goaltending and could spare a bit of offense to a lowly Sabres squad.
Wait, actually it doesn’t make sense at all. Just as it didn’t make sense last year when the Hawks were struggling through the season, the idea of trading Patrick Kane anywhere still doesn’t add up.
Patrick Kane is one of those talents that teams search for to build their organizations around, just as the Blackhawks have. Every single team in the NHL is looking for a guy like Kane, and the Hawks have him. Why trade him?
Some have criticized Kane f…