from Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News, The Sabres have had so many problems this season that it’s difficult to determine where to begin and where to end. Obviously, they’re broken and need to be fixed. There is no magic trade that can turn them around before the Feb. 27 deadline.

When comparing expectations to results, this season will likely go down as the worst in franchise history.

Buffalo’s injuries cannot be ignored, but they’re not a valid excuse, either. Injuries might have prevented them from contending in the division or made a difference between fourth and eighth in the conference. Fifteen skaters have appeared in 44 games or more this year. To blame injuries for having the NHL’s 28th-best record is ludicrous.

OK, so is it the players? Broken down, you can find no fewer than seven who were having the worst seasons of their careers in one form or another going into the weekend. It’s not a good sign when two forwards, Jason Pominville …