A while back, a reader of this column commented that the articles about historic places were fine, but he wanted to see the Asian women. Well, now your wish is granted. (Sorry I do not call you by name but I do not have access to the archived articles to retrieve your name!) This column will REALLY honor your request since it will be primarily a photo essay. ( a picture is supposedly worth a thousand words-remember?) But I do have a few words to say about the women of China.

“Asian Princesses” is the affectionate nickname I coined for the Chinese woman Many of my United International College colleagues have adopted it as well. But former UIC colleague Connie Milbourne used the term exclusively for a certain type of woman. Those are the extremely well dressed ones who wear very high heels and strut around with a somewhat confident look on their face (almost as if to say…don’t you wish I were YOUR woman).

It’s remarkable seeing high heels in a number settings that definitely don’t call for them….like at the Great Wall of China. The Wall is difficult walking with even a pair of athletic shoes, much less four inch stilettos. Perhaps it’s because many Chinese women are short. In any case, high heels are definitely a very common sight.

Make no mistake- not all Chinese woman are beautiful but there ARE many attractive ones .Of course since China has a population of 1.4 billion people, the odds of finding some beautiful woman in main land  should be in your favor. Foreigners have apparently been able to find ones to their liking .Asian women with non-Chinese men is also a regular sight. But you seldom see Chinese men with foreign women.

The pictures of the “Asian Princesses”  were taken in many different parts of China and reflect their various moods. So good old “whoever you are” that made the request for these shots-enjoy!