For an Irish girl, I have developed a prettty passionate relationship with the Broadway Market.

Last year at this time I was immersed in researching and writing a 16-part series on the market’s struggle for survival, entitled Broadway Market at the Crossroads.   It was a remarkable experience that allowed me to fully understand the valued Polish traditions that define the market and why its existence should matter to our entire community.

Last year also brought with it the honor of being invited serve as a judge in Buffalo’s celebrated Best Pierogi Contest.  Who knew that the traditional potato and cheese versions of this Polish culinary delight could be served up in variations from reuben to blueberry?

Yet my love affair with the Broadway Market really began in 2007  when I spent the day at 999 Broadway, capturing the sights and sounds of the Easter Season.  I also interviewed  shoppers about their market memories and asked the burning question, why they only return in the spring.

Sadly, this three-part series is as relevant today as it was 5 years ago.  The Broadway Market still struggles to survive and desperately needs the support of the WNY Community to continue.  It is a death knoll that has rung so often that it has become nothing more than a silent warning.  But make no mistake, should we continue to let the market languish for the 50 weeks of the year outside of Easter, it will be lost…

…..and as you will see in these stories……our Queen City will be poorer for it.