The Broadway Market is founded on heritage and food traditions, and one of those most integral to those traditions is Dorothy Gondek Malczewski, The Butter Lamb Lady.

For those unfamiliar, Dorothy started making butter lambs in her home in the early 1970’s.  She remembered her mother manufacturing the Easter treats using a simple wooden mold that her father brought with him when he imigrated from Poland.  Her memory of those specially shaped butters inspired Dorothy to start producing and selling them at her meat stand at the Broadway Market.  Today, Dorothy’s butter lambs have become an Easter tradition for WNY’ers and for butter lovers throughtout the North Eastern United States.

Sadly, last year was the first time in 44 years that Dorothy was absent from the market’s Easter hustle and bustle.  Advancing age and physical injuries that she suffered in a fall forced the detemined woman to finally retire from her beloved butter lamb stand.  So today, as the Easter Season unfolds, I am honored  to feature Dorothy Malczewski in this third and final segment on the Broadway Market.

Listen to this lovely lady’s simple plea for WNY’ers to support the market—and please share this video of Ma Malczewski.  Nothing would make her happier than to be heard and remembered.