Well, it’s the end of the first week posting my stories and I have earned some new Facebook friends, added a few Twitter followers and received one business proposal!  As me dear departed mother would say, “Not too shabby!”  And as my good friend Bass always encourages me, “Onward!”

Today’s story takes a bit of a turn from the videos I’ve posted this week.  It’s an audio story that I wrote 13 years ago for my Heart and Soul column that appears in The Sun Newspaper.

The story is titled, “Wet Nosed Kisses.”  I wrote it about my good ole boy, chocolate lab buddy, Hershey.  At the time I was part of a group of writers involved with an Internet site called Heartwarmers, started by Niagara County Legislator, Lee Simonsen.

Over the years, Lee published three books of our collective essays, which became best sellers on Amazon!  That success encouraged the media entrepreneur to tackle a Heartwarmer’s CD with the theme of pets.

My only regret is that I did not get to voice my own story…but I am also honored to have fellow Heartwarmer, Joe Edwards, lend his gravely voiced talents to the mix.

I am pleased to introduce to the world, my buddy Hershey and our story, “Wet Nosed Kisses”.

If you are an animal lover, get your tissues ready and enjoy!