It’s the weekend…so in the time-honored tradition of Sunday as a day of rest, one post will have to make due for two days.

One of the elements of my story telling career has been my radio work.  I began broadcasting my Buffalostyle shows on the Internet in 2006 with WNYMedia, then moved on to a weekly gig with 1230 WECK and recently completed a special reporting assignment with WBFO.

Over the last 6 years I have enjoyed telling the stories of the people, places and events that make WNY such a great place….one of those being the talented and world renown drummer, Gary Mallaber.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s for good reason.  This WNY hometown boy was the driving rhythm force of the original Steve Miller Band (can you say Swingtown!!)  He was the percussion magician on some of Van Morrison’s most treasured recordings (Moondance for one,)  and for local music lovers, Mallaber was the drummer behind one of  WNY’s most celebrated bands, Raven.

Give a listen to part two of this three-part interview, where Gary talks about Raven’s climb to the top of the music world, their choice to reject a recording contract from George Harrison/Apple Records and why the talented group ultimately frayed and fractured.  There’s even a nice little trivia tidbit relative to The Muppets!

If you love pop music, you’ll enjoy Mallaber’s voice as much as his excellent drummer’s talents.  And if you do listen and enjoy, please share…and help a girl get a job!!

Buffalostyle Interview Christina Abt with Gary Mallaber Pt. 2Buffalostyle Interview Christina Abt with Gary Mallaber Pt. 2