Oh ye stalwart fighting Irishman of Notre Dame, how could you let me down?

And Devils of Duke…..bowing out in the first round, seriously????

And my hometown team, St. Bona, making me believe for almost 59 minutes…..the pain is indescribable.

Added to my pain over these March Madness losses is the fact that I went down right with everyone one of these teams …and MORE!!!  Yes, from a stunning 81% pick percentage on Thursday, I plummeted to an merely passable 59% on Friday.

The only thing that makes my embarrassment managable is that I was not alone.  A legion of my fellow pool participants also tanked, in great part thanks to a number of tournament favorites who failed to score enough points.

So, today being the High Holy Day of my people, I’m going to view day three of March Madness Irishstyle….and hope that my teams fare better in round two.

Can you say,  G-O-N-Z-A-G-A!!!