I know basketball.

Let me clarify…I played basketball on an all- girls team in an era when guards and forwards were stationary statues bounded by the half court line, and the center was the only player allowed to roam full court.

So perhaps I need to adjust my opening statement.  I USED to know basketball.  And therein lies today’s dilema.  I have just ante’d up to join a March Madness pool.

Obviously my entry into this wonderful world of college basketball mania is not driven by my hoop expertise.  Nor an I a gambler at heart.  Rather, my desire to prognosticate the winner of a 68 team court contest is simple.  My son asked if I wanted to join in the fun.

As a caring mother, how could I say no?  And that’s exactly what I was asking myself at 2 am this  morning while pouring over endless sports websites in search of some clue as to how to go about reading the damn bracket sheet with 64 names, 4 play in slots and a whole lotta blank boxes.

Ultimately, I followed the advice that I found within almost every “expert” site.  I picked teams whose names I liked, whose uniforms are snazzy and whose mascots are cute.  And then I sent my winning bracket sheet to March Madness Central.

So let’s go Wild Cats, bring it Buckeyes, win one for the hometown Bona…and oh baby….let’s go Gonzaga!!  I got my popcorn and my pool picks and I’m ready to dive into March Madness !!

First though, I need to answer the three emails I just received from pool  central.  Something about a few errors on my bracket sheet….