The Sopranos.

By far my favorite series of all-time. I’ve watched every episode at least 15-20 times. If it is on HBO on Demand, I’m watching it. A&E on Sunday mornings? I’m bringing my orange juice and eggs to the couch.

One of the biggest subplots for the series was the relationship between Carmella and Tony. Tony constantly cheated on Carmella without any shred of guilt. He did what he did with Russian girls and strippers. You name it, he blazed it up. He lived the life like he was still living in a fraternity house.

Of course, Carmella knew all of this. She knew what she was getting into with Tony’s philandering and bullshit. However, she stuck by him cause she loved him. For one specific episode in which Carmella had found out that Tony was cheating again, she did her normal hooting and hollering about it. However, something was different. At one point, she had a monotone/matter of fact request for Tony.

She wanted Tony to sign some living trust fund (Which would give her money if he died) and while making her pitch for him to sign this, she said this:

“Just do this one nice thing for me. Because if you don’t, I may go kill myself.”

Maybe she was serious about killing herself or that she wanted the money, but I think the clearer message was sent: “You are a piece of crap and I just want you to do something nice for me for a change. Just show me that you care.”

That’s exactly the reason why I wanted the Bills to re-sign Stevie Johnson.

I know what we get with the Bills. We get a franchise that at times treats its fan base like a red haired stepchild. We think Ralph should be kissing our ass because we supported his team through the bad times while I’m sure he feels like he’s done enough for us. In a way, Tony’s excuse for being able to mess around was mostly geared towards him bringing home the money for Carmella to live in a gorgeous 5 bedroom mansion with her 300 dollar shoes and her diamond rings.

“You wanna live in the lap of luxury on my dime? Well if I’m the breadwinner then I should have my own fun.”

Maybe that’s how the Bills feel about their fans. “You should be happy that you have a football team because we could easily be in LA or Toronto.” Anyways, too many times over the years the Bills have let decent players leave. Besides the players leaving, there is also the fact that they are pretty bad football team.

The 12 years of no post season games can really test your marriage with your love of the Bills. At times, I think the marriage is held together because of the memories. The memories of snowy days at the Ralph and winning 4 straight AFC Championships. When the going gets rough in a marriage, someone needs to do something nice for the other party. Whether it is buying flowers, a new car or just doing sexual favors, someone has to bite the bullet. You just want to feel that your partner still loves you.

Re-signing Stevie wasn’t about the player. Yes, he’s a decent wide receiver and he wants to be here, which is all well and good. But this was about the Bills showing us that they still somewhat care about winning. They have now paid something like 140-million in new contracts since August (Fitz, Stevie, Williams, Barnett and Brad Smith). Even though they aren’t guaranteed, I’m pretty sure that’s the most they have ever handed out in their history for a short period of time.

Now here’s where I get a little nasty. I’m sure we will get members of the media or the Bills mafia telling us that the Bills aren’t cheap anymore. “They are all about re-signing their own guys and in Buddy we trust.” It will probably resemble the all of sudden rush to say that Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier are executives of the year because the Sabres are two points out of 8th. Show us some hope, and we will make it into a miracle.

Some Bills fans will do their best Carmella Soprano and walk back into the kitchen to cook Tony’s pasta and clean his house. They will hold onto this one moment of kindness for the next 9 months and ignore Tony’s sexual exploits with strippers and one-legged cousins.

Is that really fair? Do you want to go back to not being heard? Status quo?

I’m happy the Bills did this, but I’m not going back into the kitchen with my ears and eyes closed. I want the Bills to go out and show the world that they want to win the Super Bowl. I’m not saying you have to go after Mario Williams, but getting a 2nd wide receiver for Stevie would do just fine. We know Ralph has the money in a sock drawer somewhere. Greed is good, right? I’m sick of just getting by in this town. I want winners! Today is a nice start. The Bills are showing a pulse for a change. However, they still have a lot of work to do. Let us not forget this is a team that has won 10 games in two years. I’m happy, but they shouldn’t be.

Let us go for the jugular for a change. Let us rise from the basement and actually demand more of this team. This is a start, but there needs to be a finish…a strong finish that doesn’t resemble the fade to black of The Sopranos series finale.