We all know how to get down and party it up on St. Patrick’s Day. The real trick here is how to prepare for that first ray of light, wrenching open bloodshot eyes sometime around noon, and the often tormenting hours thereafter. I’ve got a plan and it just may work for you too. Make sure you have these few things on hand and recover that much easier.

Headstone Heat Hot Sauce

1. Be sure you have Bloody Mary mix and vodka on hand. Alcohol may well be the very last thing on your mind after raging all day/night Saturday, but the hair of the dog may be just the thing to ward off serious head pain.

2. Douse everything you eat on Sunday in hot sauce. I’m talking eggs, potatoes, mac n cheese… the works. I don’t know what it is, but copious amounts of spice always does the trick for me. A tall glass of milk is a nice accompaniment too, if you’re into it.

3. Plan not to make plans. Stay in your bed or on your couch. Wear comfy sweat pants and an oversized shirt. Keep the shades drawn. You get the picture.

Got any guidelines that work great for you? Add ‘em to the list.

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