The face that launched a thousand ships

Although the President was never in any real danger, death threats against him must be taken seriously. Even when they give you a mug shot as goofy as the one of Rochester woman Christine Wright-Darrisaw, who was arrested last Friday after her latest round of rambling phone calls to the White House regarding the unfairness of child custody laws.

A White House operator told the Secret Service that “she recognized the caller’s voice because she is always calling the White House with regard to child custody issues,” according to the affidavit.
The “female caller was rambling wildly and screaming into the phone with regard to how unfair the child custody laws were and that she needed Obama to fix this” (Source: WGRZ)

A judge ordered her to take a competency exam.

However, in the mug-shot that I’m sure has already gone viral, I couldn’t help but notice that I think I’ve seen this pose before. Then, it hit me:

That’ll make you miss a free throw…


A lot of brackets will be blown if this head starts popping up at games…