As someone who owns and uses growlers on a regular basis, I’m all too familiar with the challenges of cleaning and drying them.

It goes a little something like this: you enjoy your fresh, delicious draft beer, and as soon as the last serving is poured, you rush your growler to the sink to rinse it. It’s common knowledge that it’s easier to nail Jello to a tree than clean growlers that have been sitting out with beer remnants inside.

If you rinse it like you should, it’s still a major pain to get it to a state of waterlessness. If you turn it upside down, the water just drips out and pools in the neck (because it has nowhere else to go) which results in your growler sliding all over the counter like some kind of reckless one-legged, top-heavy ice skater who doesn’t know how to stop.

It would make sense to prop the growler against other things to get some kind of an angle going on, so the water can come out that way but it really only works in theory. The water just kind of creates a puddle inside and never really leaves.

So your growler stays a little wet. No big deal, right? Wrong. If any real amount of time passes before you go to have it filled again, it smells funky once you open it. That the whole idea of organism-ridden stale water prompts you to rinse it out at least five more times before you’ll even consider putting beer in it again and even though you want to be confident in your efforts, you can’t fully enjoy the new brew because that funky smell is still very much alive in the back of your mind.

There is a solution. One that makes you say "duh!" – so here it is, in all of its simple plastic glory. Meet the Growler Collar.

Growler Collar

You simply screw your growler top into the grooved plastic disc after you’ve washed it and physics takes care of the rest. The water has the space it needs to drain out and air is able to swirl into the jug, for a more dry and sanitary beer growler. There are even little feet to prevent the growler from sliding around or scratching your counter. Draining and drying is now approximately 1,000,000 times easier.

I’m not sure why it took so long for this thing to be invented but I do know that it’s better late than never. Whether you’re a growler fan, a brewpub, or a bar, the Growler Collar is a simple tool you’ll certainly want to invest in.

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