Who wears stripes better?

Cold, windy weather didn’t keep away animal lovers and their furry friends this early afternoon at Buffalo’s “Bark Park” in LaSalle Park this Tuesday as a press event was held there for State Senator Mark Grisanti’s announcement about his sponsorship of legislation to create an animal abuse central registry in New York State for those convicted of animal abuse.

The weather was a bit… ruff… yes, I went there…

Tommunisms was there (and normally is in the afternoon, as my pal Filbert likes to romp around the park to begin with!) Unfortunately, I’m a one man outfit, and my tiny HD recorder and tripod would’ve blown away in the heavy wind that was rolling through, so I have no footage. Truth be told, I couldn’t hear too much either, but that my be from the fact that a small dog on a leash actually distracts from blogging. Here is Filbert distracting me at my desk when I need to type this up:

"Love me! Not your damn blog!"

Besides Grisanti, the Senator was joined by North District Representative of the Buffalo Board of Education Jay McCarthy and Erie County Legislator Terry McCracken. McCracken has already introduced this bill for enactment in Erie County. The proposed law would create an animal abuse registry for those over 18 years of age convicted in a case of animal abuse. The law would require abusers to register annually and prohibit animal abusers from possessing, adopting, owning, purchasing or exercising control over an animal as long as they are required to register. Any animal abuser who intentionally or knowingly fails to comply with the registration requirements or provides false information will be guilty of a felony which is to be punishable by a imprisonment not to exceed four years or a fine not to exceed five thousand dollars or both. Shelters and pet stores would also be required to check the registry when selling or adopting an animal.

Since I really couldn’t hear with the high winds, I’m going the lazy route and quoting Senator Grisanti from his press release:

“Animal abusers are heinous people who hurt and kill animals that are incapable of defending themselves. An individual who would hurt an animal should be punished severely and this animal registry will ensure they are not able to own more possible victims of their future violence.”

So, the next time somebody tries to marinade their cat, perhaps this will keep them from adopting additional pets in the future.

The Senator posed for a few photos with Filbert and the tiny dog managed to get one of his muddy paws on the Senator’s pinstriped-pant-leg, which is a good ice breaker for me to ask him a question. I really did have a serious question for Senator Grisanti, regarding anti-fracking activist Chip Northrup’s critique of the Senator’s proposals to regulate horizontal hydrofracking in NYS, but it was long winded, and I accidentally left my notes on my desk before I left. So, I popped my backup question, one that only Tommunisms has the guts to ask:

Tommunisms: “Antoine Thompson is reportedly considering a run for State Senate again, this time in the 63rd district. Should Thompson run and win, would you consider car-pooling with him on the drive to Albany?”

Senator Grisanti:: “I prefer to drive by myself. That’s where I get a lot of my thinking done.”

That that, Capital Tonight!

For the record, Grisanti has two dogs: Frado, a Bichon Frise, and Kody, a Schiperkee who was very sick, rescued and nursed back to health. Neither dog was available for comment at this time…