by Pat Freeman, The Mighty OB’a

The question of renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium or building a new multi-use stadium in downtown Buffalo continues to be one of the hottest topics in western New York . At the time of the writing of this article the current poll on Mix 1080AM WUFO radio website at the poll reads 75% in favor of a downtown stadium in Buffalo , versus 25% in favor of renovating the current stadium in Orchard Park , New York . This sampling should be a distinct indicator of the passion of western New Yorkers for more rational decisions that would change our economic landscape.

In Part IV of this series that favors a new stadium in downtown Buffalo I will take a look at a study done by Tom Tom of GPS Data looking at the NFL cities with the worst game day traffic. According to this particular study the Washington Redskins have the worst game day traffic with a 57% speed reduction from normal pace on the roads surrounding the stadium. Well you would never guess who is tied for second place with our arch nemesis the New England Patriots, yes its our Buffalo Bills with a slow down pace of 55% on the roads surrounding the stadium. The location of Ralph Wilson stadium makes attending games in western New York a virtual nightmare to the faithful that go to games in Orchard Park despite the effort last year to close down Abbott Road on game days. There has been very little improvement with traffic flow on game day, and makes attendance to a three hour game a nine to ten our adventure. The following lists the 10 worst Traffic NFL cities with their percentage of slow down pace on game days.

1. Washington – 57%

2. New England tied with Buffalo- 55%

3. Dallas- 41%

4. Jacksonville-39%

5. Carolina- 37%

6. Miami- 36%

7. Tennessee- 35%

8. Green Bay- 33%

9. Atlanta- 31%

The argument of a downtown stadium makes more sense because of its proximity to all major interstates, expressways, and our rapid transit systems would be incorporated to cut down on private vehicle use to, and from games. The stadium would help create a natural revenue flow for all major events at the facility for the struggling NFTA for all associated events. Certainly your department of Transportation would be brought in to make modifications to already existing roads, and to study all accessibility factors associated with such a major project.

On Tuesday May 1st, 2012 at 12 noon I will address the issue of building a new multi use stadium in downtown Buffalo.

Where- Old County Hall in the Erie County Legislature Chambers

When- Tuesday May 1st, 2012 at 12 noon

Why- Building a new stadium in downtown Buffalo rather than renovating 40 year old Ralph Wilson Stadium.

… Please come out and support one of the most important issues to come before the county, city, and the western New York.

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