I don’t know about this particular team. However, I can tell you the girls we face in soccer from Clarence have never given us any problems. We have several black and biracial kids on our teams and have never encountered what the Sweet Home parents allege took place. Usually, any problems we encounter come from opposing parents, but aren’t racial in nature. They like to yell very dumb things out on the field. I tell our players the way to shut them up is to score a goal, make a great pass, or a great defensive play.

My guess is that one girl from Clarence said something offensive. If this is the case, she should be suspended for four games. I feel bad for the rest of the girls in this story, but I give the superintendent credit for taking a stand against racism. I can tell you, when teams lose, the crazy parents come out of the woodwork blaming the refs, other team, etc. (So, it could be an exaggeration caused by sour grapes. I’ve seen it a million times). And you wouldn’t believe the trash talk that goes on these days between 13/14 year old girls. I’m constantly telling our players, if we hear any of that nonsense, they will sit for the rest of the game…

Racial slurs lead to 4-game suspension: wivb.com