I guess it pays to be a political prostitute. All the donations (accumulated from years of taxpayer funded no show jobs) finally paid off for John Scanlon, as he was able to buy a political position for his second youngest son, Christopher. He went from Bishop Timon to ECC and straight to City Hall. Like a Saudi Prince, it must be nice to be born into a life of privilege. Despite being born into more opportunities than most of his peers, it looks as though education has never been much of a priority. And despite this outrageous comment, the last thing the Scanlon name is synonymous with is independence…

“The people of the district are looking for a young, independent thinker devoid of ties,” Scanlon said during his interview with the Council, “someone not looking to appease political factions, but looking for someone who can think on their own, vote their conscience and only do what’s in the best interest of South Buffalo.”

At least one out of three aint bad. He is young. This move is a victory for the status quo. We all know the reason Matt Fisher was not selected was because he is close to Mickey Kearns and not close to Tim Kennedy or his Lord High Pants Higgins. I just hope the Fisher supporters remember this this summer when he runs against Scanlon and I run against Tim Kennedy. Don’t be fooled either. Kennedy would never support a pro Kearns candidate, because he doesn’t have a brain of his own. If you want to support politics as usual this summer, support Chris Scanlon and Tim Kennedy.

One saving grace for Scanlon’s primary opponent in September: It should be an easy victory for them. The only people Scanlon will have in his corner at the end of the summer are the South Buffalo Byron Brown contributors. We all found out this Spring with the Kearns/Fahey rout that none of them will work for anything. They are so used to buying their power or having it presented to them on a silver platter. They have nothing in common with the average person in the district. The word will get out. The respectable people will see the derelicts (Ray McGurn, Lou Petrucci, Tim Whalen,Paul Sullivan, Rick Finnegan,etc.) with their Scanlon signs and know to vote the other way. These people are so predictable in their mediocrity, you could set your watches to them.