Look for politics to take precedence over qualifications when the Buffalo Bored of Education picks it’s new Superintendent. People are already questioning the secretive process, which so far has yielded three duds…

“Some people are disappointed with the pool of candidates,” said Common Council Member Darius G. Pridgen of the Ellicott District.

“I think most people want someone who’s not going to be afraid of radical change, someone who will be able to maneuver through the minefields. If they haven’t found the person they feel confident is a change agent, they should start from scratch.”

Pridgen is absolutely correct. They don’t need someone to come in and start butting heads with the union. That’s been tried many times before, each time with poor results. What they do need is to find someone with common sense. Someone to challenge the parents and students to do better and stop pointing fingers at the adults in the buildings.

It’s not a job I would envy, as the person’s toughest opponent is the society we live in. The new guy/girl has to realize that a change of mindset is needed with the students and their parents. They need to start really dealing with the problem troublemakers and remove them from the rest of the students. Open up an alternative school for the students who aren’t serious about learning and end up bringing the rest down to their level. I think in the past, we’ve focused on including these students and giving them most of the attention/resources. I say good riddance. Once they realize the adults are serious about restoring order, watch how quickly many of them comply. Put most of the focus on the students who do come to class acting like human beings.