Shredd and Reagan interviewed the South Buffalo resident with the outspoken views on race today. He said neighbors were coming up to him and thanking him for his comments to channel IV. He also said he has received some death threats.

I’m not afraid to touch on controversial topics. We’ve all heard people talk about the increased number of black people who have moved onto the side streets off of South Park Avenue and Seneca Streets. It has dominated many conversations on porches and at dinner tables. To pretend that it hasn’t, is an outright fabrication. Although very politically incorrect, this man was just saying publicly what others have said privately.

I’m not an advocate of any kind of racism. We’ve all heard the stories about our Irish ancestors being greeted with signs that read “Irish need not apply” when they arrived in this country. It’s something every Catholic school teacher in South Buffalo discussed at one point or another.

While this man’s opinion might be ugly, it was how he felt. To me, hypocrites are worse than anyone. There are three hypocritical groups/people which need to be pointed out here…

1.)The white resident from the outer lying suburb who is “shocked” by the man’s comments: Could you remind us all again why you fled to an all white area?

2.) Reverend Darius Pridgen: Ironically, the racist, blue collar South Buffalo man in question has more in common with the average black person than Pridgen does. He drives fancy cars and lives in an expensive condo on the waterfront. The only time Pridgen is black is when he’s preaching from the alter or speaking in front of a TV camera.

3.)The South Buffalo/ 1st Ward racists who turned around and whored themselves to Byron Brown when he ran against a South Buffalo resident: We all know who they are. If you’re going to be a racist, it’s on you, but don’t just do it when it’s convenient for you. Practice what you preach. I don’t dislike Brown because he’s, well… brown. I dislike him because he’s an empty suit. These people, who talk out of both sides of their mouths, are an embarrassment to the true racist, idiots everywhere.At least they’re not hypocritical.

Attached is the full interview from Shredd and Reagan. No word yet on whether the man plans on tossing his white hood into the ring for City Council. 
You can listen to him on Shredd and Ragan here.

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