A very interesting letter from yesterday’s Buffalo News…

Outrageous behavior is becoming the norm

On June 10, I was pumping gas in Amherst. I was wearing my sunglasses and facing the store. Out of the door walked two women about age 30 who were noticeably overweight. They accused me of staring at them. I did see them, however, I was pumping my gas, not staring at them. Next thing I knew, something hit me in the face. It was a hard yellow ball. I didn’t know what hit me. They drove off, flipping me the bird and yelling out the window “ha, ha, Superball.”
We are living in a society of barbarians on the road (road rage), in the neighborhoods (shootings), with workplace bullies, drunken drivers who don’t own up to their offenses and get away with it, thanks to the defense lawyers, and now this type of behavior.
Rose Mary Grancharoff Girone  

I don’t know what relevance the women’s weight had to do with their behavior in this instance. However, this letter made me laugh. We’ve all been in line at the local gas station and crossed paths with the trashers. They’re usually buying cigars (to smoke their weed), lottery tickets,and booze. They take six years to order their scratch offs. Never once do they stop and think that there are people behind them (who actually might be on their way to work.

These are the type of people worthy of being stared at (much like you’d stare at an animal at a zoo.)Personally, I try to look the other way, especially now that I know they may be carrying superballs.