Arizona Senator John McCain has seen the light. In an attempt to correct an industry that is “plagued” by “fraud, corruption and ineffective regulation”, he is part of a bi-partisan effort for big government to step in to create a centralized control agency to protect the needs of the many against a patchwork system that benefits a “powerful few”. Has McCain finally decided to take on the banking and financial industries? No, you silly peon, he’s talking about regulating the “sport” of boxing

From Politico:

McCain co-introduced the legislation Monday with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (both men were amateur boxers in their younger years). The duo’s move was spurred by Timothy Bradley’s controversial win over Manny Pacquiao earlier this month in Las Vegas. Reid, who represents the boxing mecca of Nevada, said last week he believed Pacquiao should’ve won the fight, an opinion echoed by pundits. The promoter who represents both fighters said the “outlandish” decision represented “a death knell for the sport.”

Let that sink in again. Housing crisis, mortgage scandals, robo-signing, financial industry misdealings, derative market impropriety, blah, blah, blah blah. Go suck it American middle class, the Senate has to polish Jamie Dimon’s balls right now. But an entire industry based around two people trying to inflict internal hemorrhaging and brain damage to each other; there’s something that will get both sides of the aisle springing into action.

Oh, and how would the proposed boxing commission be funded?  By “fees” (aka “the punching tax”) paid by promoters, fighters and boxing organizations.

Once the boxing sector of the economy is cleaned up, it is estimated that 37.9 million new jobs will be created by the Office of Go Fuck Yourself Citizens (OGFYC).

Rest easy sports fans, the government knows how to protect the integrity of sports. *Cough* Roger Clemens *Cough*