In honor of today’s visit to the 60th New York State Senate District, the Erie County Democratic Committee is calling on Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to endorse Chuck Swanick, the opponent of endorsed Democratic candidate Mike Amodeo.

“Chuck Swanick is supported by the same far-right extremists that have taken over the Republican Party,” said Erie County Democratic Chair Leonard Lenihan. “If you support Mitt Romney and the out-of-touch policies that he is campaigning on, Chuck Swanick is your candidate for State Senate. After leaving Romney’s $2,500 per person fundraiser at the Buffalo Historical Society, I encourage all Romney supporters to make a beeline to the next Swanick event.”

  • Fact: Mitt Romney and Chuck Swanick have both switched party affiliations. Mitt Romney changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat to support his friend Paul Tsongas in the Democratic Primary. Chuck Swanick changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican to support his friend Joel Giambra in the Erie County Legislature.
  • Fact: Mitt Romney and Chuck Swanick are both receiving support from the anti-GLBT Super-PAC National Organization for Marriage.
  • Fact: Mitt Romney and Chuck Swanick are both conservatives. Mitt Romney describes himself as “severely conservative.” Chuck Swanick is down the line with Romney on his positions on matters such as reproductive health and equality issues.

Amodeo and Swanick will face off in the Democratic Primary on Thursday, September 13.