Better start ignoring those debate requests, pronto!

Fresh off his win in the Republican Primary (though “fresh” may not be the word, after the stink of Collins refusing to debate his fellow Republican David Bellavia), former Erie County Executive can’t wait to frame the race against Congressperson Kathy Hochul as a referendum on Obama, regurgitating talking point memos and scaring old people on how Obama will cut Medicare. But don’t worry, Kathy Hochul will also oblige by trying to scare the old people over Medicare as well. Isn’t this just a rehash of the previous election for NY-27?!

Collins has been telling seniors that a vote for Hochul is a vote for the Obama/Pelosi agenda, and that Obamacare will cut $500 million in funding for Medicare, forcing Granny to eat cat food in order to make ends meet with her medical expenses.  That in and of itself, is not correct. Medicare funding will increase over the next ten years, but the rate of increase will be curbed. Future spending increases will be curtailed, but no money will actually be cut. Again, Medicare funding will increase; the Congressional Budget Office says Medicare funding will be about $929 billion in 2020, up from $429 billion in 2009. And the other talking point being bandied about by Collins and others about Obamacare costs being double what he claimed it would be is mostly wrong too, but don’t worry, Bob McCarthy at The Buffalo News will just print what Collins says about it, without providing any context to where he gets those numbers from and if they are accurate.

On that same note, Kathy Hochul is already trying to point out that Chris Collins would have supported the Paul Ryan budget that would “fundamentally change” (or destroy) Medicare which Hochul claims would force seniors to pay more for it.

Wasn’t this more or less the same issue that was being argued during the last election in NY-27?! Hey, go with what works, I guess. The problem is that depending on how the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare (and it’s individual mandate to purchase insurance), the entire argument may be rendered moot as far a campaign issue in this race.  However, beating a dead horse is not unheard of in politics, but it will make this election seem like a summer repeat.

Hopefully, both camps have a back-up plan to scare people over…