A 13 foot alligator captured in Hilton Head, South Carolina was a living, breathing sporting goods store. Once captured, authorities got an incite into the reptile’s diet…

Trappers who opened the gator’s stomach found 53 fishing lures, a
half-pound of lead sinkers, a soccer ball, two baseballs, one tennis ball and two other
balls that were unidentifiable because they had been partially
digested. They also found a 4-foot gator. 

That discovery,
plus other meals that included two turtles, a beer can and 48 rocks
suggest the 13-foot gator ate just about anything, said Mark Carinus,
who assists Critter Management with trapping and harvesting nuisance

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Baseballs, rocks, another gator found in belly of Hilton Head 13-footer | islandpacket.com