The essense of a candidate’s life can be distilled down to one basic concern: .money. 

Whether the campaign focus is reaching voters, attending events, creating campaign collateral or attracting staff, everything requires money in one way or another.  

Now I am not a rich woman, nor have I ever been devoted to amassing large sums of dollars into my bank account.  Rather, I equate personal wealth to a broader base that includes time spent with family and friends and the pursuit of life goals that I find fulfilling.

That being said, in deciding to run for the Assembly Seat in the 147th District, I had to realistically commit to raising dollars….large amounts of dollar…in order to win. 

 I have to admit, this is the most challenging part of the campaign that I have yet to face.  The good news is that people are stepping up to help me in ways that I could never imagine—beginning with some incredibly talented WNY musicians who are throwing me a fundraiser. 

I have partnered with these music maestros over the years in helping them create press releases and writing about their musical talents and it’s been my true pleasure to play a small part in their careers.  And now to have then return the favor to me in the form of this fundraiser is quite humbling. 

I want to thank Mike Montoro of BPO Nation, Robbie Konikoff of Audio Magic Recording Studio and Dwane Hall, owner of The Sportsmen’s Tavern for their support in organizing my first fundraiser.  And I am grateful beyond words to Mick Hayes, Bass Reeves, Frank Grizanti, Eddie Godfrey, Tom Stahl, Tanya Diona and Russell Graham for giving so generously of their talents to help me win this election.

It’s going to be quite a night of music….and fundraising.