My campaign this week has been a wonderful collective of parades and carnivals focused on the birth of our nation and the core of our communities…family.

From Warsaw to Strykersville and in between I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting and visiting with constituents celebrating the 4th of July and the summer season.  While the ages of those I met ranged from 7 days to 70 years, the constant at every event was family in the form of generations of volunteer fire fighters, veteran soldiers, farmers and business owners.  It was wonderful to walk along a parade route and meet group after group of families …many with three or more generations….gathered together in patriotic tradition. 

Amidst the bands and beer tents, I engaged in conversation with those gathered, most of it focused on the concerning issues facing our district….fracking, health care, agriculture and the economy. Without doubt, people are worried, angry and often discouraged about our political process and our future.  But then, there were those moments when, despite all, the future appeared  bright, as in the case of my chat with 16 year old Emily Calkins. 

This young woman is not only beautiful…as evidenced by her newly earned title of Wyoming County Dairy Princess, but also intelligent and focused on a positive future for herself and for her family’s long-running dairy business.

Watch, listen and be inspired…..