Yesterday I campaigned from far east to far west and back again,in the 147th district.  It was a round trip of over 140 miles and I enjoyed every minute of the drive and the new constituents that I met.

 I started out in the charming town of Perry, in Wyoming County.  It was their sixth annual Chalk Art Festival to benefit the town and its organizations.  I had never been to a chalk event or stopped in the town of Perry before and the whole experience was a complete delight.

The Main St. sidewalks were filled with competitors creating amazing artwork on their concrete “canvases”.  As they drew and detailed, residents and tourists ambled along to view each masterpiece.  The theme of the festival was, “Food for Thought”, with the interpretation left to the creative vision of each artist.

In addition to the chalk art, there were also a number of interesting vendors and a Taste of Perry tent set up along Main St. giving the event a true festival feel.  Main St. merchants added to the fun by offering festival sales and discounts—-and there are some terrific stores in Perry including what, as an author (www,, I have to describe as the quintessential  book store.

Burlingham Books ( is located at 2 Main St and if you are a literature lover on any level, you have got to visit this charming boutique. The staff is welcoming, The store is filled with all sorts of fun book “accessories” and they offer specialty drinks to encourage you to linger and enjoy.  And of course, there are books for every age and interest.

Kudos to Perry resident and book store owner, Ann Burlingham for having the courage to open an independent book store in these days of mega store competiton.  Reminds me of The Shop Around The Corner Book Store in the wonderful Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie, You’ve Got Mail—-only Burlingham is alive and well and open for your business!  Next time you’re looking for an enjoyable road trip, travel to Perry and Burlinghams.  You won’t be disappointed!  It’s a great bookstore as well as a vibrant example of a small business providing jobs and services in the 147th District.