by Zachary Husser

I love the accomplishments of Mr. Eddie Robinson as he led the Grambling State Tigers to historic football victories during the many decades he coached at the University! However, I don’t believe in Mr. Robinson being reinvented by the NCAA taking away 111 games from Coach Joe Paterno to make Coach Robinson the “All Time” Wins leader in College Football history. We don’t do our business that way.

Penn State University is going through the “backlash” of a tragic crime against young boys because their assistant coach raped ten or more boys on the Campus at Happy Valley. The crime was that the “Haves at the University,” Coach Paterno, Some Board of Trustee members, the University President, the Athletic Director, and many Stakeholders, withheld the criminal activity by Coach Sandusky over the welfare of all of those young boys! That was the crime committed by All Adults and not ONE FOOTBALL PLAYER ON THE PENN STATE ROSTER FROM 1998 UNTIL 2011!


















Coach Robinson and Paterno in their younger years-cs

However, the NCAA decided to wipe out the hard work all of those young Penn State Players put into winning 111 games over 12 seasons. I say taking away those victories makes absolutely No Sense at all. As a matter of fact, I believe the Alumni Players who made those victories possible, should work with the “Abused Young Men,” their families, and collectively produce a Plan that gives the “Raped” young men and their families medical and financial relief. This plan would also give back the football victories because I believe that’s the “Right Thing” to do.

Why, Whenever the NCAA, which is a group of University Presidents, makes some rulings, the ONLY people that Really get hurt are the Athletes? Coaches don’t get hurt because in the majority of situations, the Coaches get another job and College Presidents, those that make up the NCAA Group, hire that Coach at another College or University. The reputation of the young College Player is soiled forever and that mistake is brought to the limelight every time that player is spoken about in media circles, especially on ESPN. Michael Vick is the poster child for the kind of harassment and character assassination I’m speaking about.

Even in this rape case against Coach Sandusky, you very seldom hear the press mention his name. All of the talk from the Press is about the “Football Program” and the Money! The abused young boys aren’t spoken about because this decision by the University Top Level Administrators was based on “Class” War. The Haves decided not to report the rapes because the abused young men all came from Poor families and neighborhoods. The belief of the rich is the poor just don’t count! Penn State’s dealing with the crises is another example of Class Warfare! We have to do something about the 1% Group running over We 99%!

In the Interest of Taking Our Country Back,

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.