This is the dramatic moment a have-a-go hero took out a machete-wielding maniac with a flying kung-fu kick.
The knifeman, who was described as mentally ill, had wandered onto the campus of China’s Guizhou Normal University and killed two security guards and seriously injured a third with the 27 inch blade.
A bystander films the maniac hacking down a security guard but as he is momentarily distracted a man rushes over and delivers a powerful flying kick to his back, knocking him onto the ground.

As the maniac struggles to get his feet two more security guards other members of the public attack him kicking and punching him to the floor.
According to the China Daily the hero is one Zhang Huaiqian who has now been nicknamed ‘Flying Kick Brother’.
He told the paper: ‘He wanted to beat me but he had to pick up his knife first.
‘I felt that he was hesitating and I gave him a second kick.’

After he is brought to the ground the video shows a group of bystanders and security personnel beating the attacker with various objects.
According to China Central Television reports two university guards, Ni Bing, 48, and Han Yimin, 49, died from their injuries at a local hospital. He was later arrested.

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