When Mickey Kearns ran for NY state Assemblyman this past spring, he was the epitome of the angry taxpayer. He was going to be the reformer, willing to stand up to Sheldon Silver. Imagine my surprise when I received his taxpayer funded mailer yesterday. It is filled with what former mayor James Griffin used to refer to as “fluff”. Mickey encouraging children to read. Mickey posing with an area Boy Scout. Mickey talking with senior citizens. Mickey at the West Seneca Library. Lots of pictures of Mickey standing around while the rest of us are working. Very little in the way of reform or substance. 

Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 30 years? Feelgood nonsense? Jack Quinn Sr. did nothing in Congress but hand out flags that had “flown over the Capital.” Pipsqueak Gallivan had his South Buffalo News column, where he taught us about swimming safety tips and the Do’s and Dont’s of trick-or-treating. During the campaign, Mickey spoke about preventing more families from leaving the state and how he was going to stand up to Silver. Come on, Mickey! Talk is cheap. When is the press conference opposing the rumored $30,000/yr pay raises for state lawmakers? If the people wanted a rubber stamp/ political follower, they would have elected “11,000 Doors” Fahey.

Good thing for the taxpayers, most of your constituents get the real story from the Blogger and not Kearns’ feel-good, taxpayer funded nonsense.