The scumbags have won. People like this letter writer have basically conceded that we’re going to get ripped off. It’s hard to argue with him when he is correct, especially his point about the harrassing robo calls we get from the political lowlifes. So true…

Elected officials care only for themselves

Personally, I don’t care who gets elected. It just doesn’t matter –
you can’t please everyone and when elected they don’t or can’t do as

If our elected officials would like to help us, they should eliminate
50 percent of the elected positions and 50 percent of their staff and
pay 50 percent of their health care and no pensions until after eight
years of service. This would get America out of debt in two years.

Now, with that said my concern is the annoying robo call to elect
whomever. I’m on a do not call list. And it works 95 percent of the
time, so let us put the politicians in this class.

So, when busy in my wood shop or working in the house I will not be
bothered. Oh, and don’t tell me to “press 3” to take my name off the
list – I have rotary dial phone. Anyhow, thanks for listening. We know
it won’t change because it is the elected officials who have to make the
change and we know they need the job.

Richard Grotke
East Aurora