Vintage Jackie Jocko…one of the world’s greatest lounge piano player. He started performing in area clubs when he was 14 or 15 years old. A classically trained pianist, he initially was known as a vocalist. In 1952 he had a successful song on Mercury Records, “Lover Come Back to Me” and has released 5 albums. For over 20 years Jackie toured the U.S. from coast to coast, including a couple years on the Caribbean island of Aruba and 5 years in Vegas. Although successful across the country, Jackie always found his way back to his hometown of Buffalo. During the 1970′s he played for 9 years at The Cloister. Well into his late 80s, he currently performs at E.B. Green’s in downtown Buffalo. Jackie seems to know every popular song ever written and every person that walks into the club. His performances are filled stories, astrology, humor and great music.

Tracks on the feature are from a 1962 album (STRAND RECORDS SLS-1053, 1962). Features Joe Peters on drums. Clips include Day In Day Out, Misty & Caravan.

Historic & Hip… Forgotten Buffalo.