At a press conference outside the Erie County Rath Building, Stefan Mychajliw held a press conference calling on appointed Erie County Comptroller David Schenk to stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

In light of the Erie County Executive “leaving on the table” a potential property tax increase, Erie County Comptroller candidate Stefan Mychajliw renewed his call for the unelected, appointed Comptroller to stop the unnecessary plan to waste almost $1,000,000 by forcing Erie County to borrow at a higher interest rate.

His plan to needlessly hurt taxpayers by forcing the people of Erie County to waste almost $1,000,000 comes on the heels of unfortunate news for taxpayers, that the County Executive directed the unelected, appointed Comptroller to increase their borrowing costs. By not utilizing the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority (EFSCA) to conduct $24 million in borrowing, taxpayers will be stuck with almost $1,000,000 in higher interest payments over the life of the loan.

“Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz….has directed County Comptroller David J. Shenk to move forward with issuing $24.2 million in general obligation bonds in the coming days.”

Source: “$860,000 Question Confronts Erie County,” Buffalo News, Denise Jewell Gee, 7/31/12

“I call on the appointed Comptroller to stand up to his friend and boss, the County Executive, to stop wasting taxpayer dollars. It is unconscionable for the unelected Comptroller to say it is ‘only’ an additional $1,000,000. Unfortunately, the unelected Comptroller owes his job to Mr. Poloncarz and party bosses who handpicked him,” said Mychajliw.

“Erie County Comptroller David Shenk, who was handpicked by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.”

Source: “Campaign Cocktail,” Artvoice, Geoff Kelly, 7/19/12

“Shenk is the candidate recommended by Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Len Lenihan.”

Source: “The Would-Be Comptroller’s Coming-Out Party,” Artvoice, Geoff Kelly, 2/9/12

This is not the first time the unelected Comptroller would not stand up to the Erie County Executive. In June, members of the Erie County Legislature Minority caucus questioned why the decision was made to waste almost $1,000,000.

“We firmly believe that if you choose a more costly option to borrow on behalf of the county and incur nearly $1 million in unnecessary expenses, you have violated your fiduciary duty to the taxpayers.”

Source: Open letter to Shenk from Legislators John Mills, Lynne Dixon, Kevin Hardwick, Joseph Lorigo, and Edward Rath, 6/7/12

Instead of responding, the appointed Erie County Comptroller passed the buck back to the Erie County Executive:

“This letter should have been addressed to the County Executive because he’s the decision-making authority in this situation. I just have the ministerial duty to do what I’m supposed to do.”

Source: “Coalition Wants Control Board to Conduct Borrowing,” The Buffalo News, Denise Jewell Gee, 6/8/12

“This is what happens when the fox guards the henhouse. There are no checks and balances in County government right now. If County finances are in such bad shape according to the County Executive, then why on earth is his handpicked appointee for Comptroller still wasting $1,000,000? Because that’s what he was ordered to do,” added the Republican, Independence, and Conservative Erie County Comptroller candidate.