Healthcare professional Shirley Fohl does her best each day to help people navigate the often confusing process of finding affordable health insurance. (2 min, 56 sec)

In the current debate on healthcare reform there are a lot of statistics and studies; a lot of back and forth about constitutionality and cost but what is often missing are the stories of everyday people and their personal struggles with finding the healthcare they need. The Health & Justice Project is an ongoing effort to share those stories and to inspire action on the local and national level. Produced by The Recollective in partnership with Jericho Road Family Practice, the Health & Justice Project debuts with an audio documentary series that follows ten people in Buffalo, NY. Our storytellers are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives; small business owners and medical professionals, students and clergy, all of whom are sharing their personal stories about our complex healthcare system.

This first series of interviews from the Health & Justice Project were recorded in Buffalo, NY and are narrated by producers Chaela Herridge Meyer and Jeremy Helton from The Recollective.

Music Credit: “Naptime” (ethan-davis) / CC BY-SA 3.0