My campaign is officially two months old.  So, I decided to review the last eight whirlwind weeks and all that I have experienced.

In no certain order I have:

 Traveled enough miles to need two oil changes and one new tire on my car. 

  Put new heels on two pair of my most trusted walking shoes

  Discovered that I am related/connected to most everyone in Wyoming County

  Eaten a LOT of chicken barbeque

  Witnessed some of the most inspiring sunrises and sunsets zigzagging across Wyoming and Southern Erie Counties

  Learned how to use my sweetest “Hey there buddy” voice when faced with fang-revealing, hackles raised, growling dogs.

  Understood that I absolutely must keep an extra large bottle of Ibuprofen in both my car and in my office.

  Rediscovered my childhood joy of parades…and the fun of putting together a parade entree complete with tootsie rolls and music.

  Learned so much about the 147th district that I have lived in for almost all of my life and throught I knew so well.

  Realized that no matter how disagreeable a person may be, a smile and kind listening always works (except for that angry guy at Braymiller’s Market)

  Connected with a collection of amazing volunteers who have become my campaign committee/family.

  Confirmed my long-held belief that the people of this community are our greatest natural resource.

   Realized more fully the challenges of governing in New York State.

  Become more confident that I am well suited to running for the NYS Assembly and will be able to do the job.

  Learned that even on those days when I wonder why I’m running—I love this work and was born to do it.