by Chris Stevenson


Obama haters keep pulling new rabbits out of their hats. It’s not whether Mitt Romney would make a good vote against him. Would he even make a good protest-vote? The childish thing about the GOP is they always favor people they like over people they respect. Some elements of the black Church are now heading in the same direction. Are they becoming the new neocons?

Right now a lot of conservatives and so-called Tea Party are heaping venom against Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts over his decisive vote against what essentially would have abolished Universal Healthcare. The growing opinion is he changed his vote at the last minute, all he did was stay in line with Congressional powers to raise taxes. Others are calling it Chicago politics. Roberts knows these conservatives failed to end “Obamacare” as promised after the 2010 midterms. Truth be told the GOP knows the Affordable Health Care Act is written too well for most of them to even understand it, let alone know how to abolish it. So why prolong their agony?









A few months ago saw the Dow Industrials over 13,000 for the first time since ’08. General Motors has record profits after almost going bankrupt ($7.6 billion last spring) and even they admit it would have been tough to do that without Obama. One GM exec said “you could have written-off this company, this industry and this country” without Obama’s bailouts, unemployment is at a four-year-low.

Deep down inside would Romney really have it in him to destroy something he started in Massachusetts? I’ve said before that to take down a national version of his own bill just to make some spiteful fellow whites happy would make him a pretty worthless and gutless individual. Wouldn’t it? Speaking of which, much has been said about Obama’s family and people the right have spent overtime to connect to the Obamas. Little talk is going around on the electronic airwaves regarding the history of the Romneys. No one mentions Mitt’s 2 great grandfathers, both polygamous Mormons. You have Parley Pratt with his 12 wives, or Miles Park Romney and his 5 wives, take your pick. Does he know which great grandmother is his? Show us some birth certificates, lots of them.

Those women back then must have worn Fruit of the Womb underwear. With conservatives there’s always a thin line between reality and satire. When the Church of Latter Day Saints outlawed the un-saintly act of multiple wives, Miles didn’t just skip town, he skipped country. With the aid of the Church on the DL the Romneys fled to Mexico and hung around until the Mexican Revolution, and returned when the war ended. To this day there are a lot of Romneys in Mexico. Mitt’s dad George was reported to have lived there until he was five-years-old. They came back to the states and moved to Michigan, where he eventually became Governor, and even ran for President in 1968. Nothing of memory was made of his being born outside of the US during his campaign.

Back in the hood, those Reverends and Pastors who talk of deserting Obama this fall because of his Gay Marriage approval, even taking in consideration of our cultural and religious objections to that lifestyle, these Ministers had better tread very lightly on that subject for 4 reasons: 1-Black Ministers have for years been doing a poor job of presenting as positive a view of the black traditional family due to the excessive adultery, fornication, and even some child molestation within their own congregations. Obviously this doesn’t apply to all the Churches, but just enough to cast doubt on most of them. 2-Many Black Churches already have a very narrow perspective on life due to their refusal to get involved with actually saving people, especially young blacks outside their Church, as opposed to just declaring some of their members to be “saved.” 3-It is impossible anyway for any Church to link itself to European-style Christianity without being unscathed by it’s Euro-sexually-deviant history and traditions. 4-This is the biggie: Continued railing against and alienating in their Church along with the petty-venting many of these Ministers did over approval by the President will soon make the Gay members weigh their big-name Pastors and Preachers on a scale against the President.

When this happens Rev. Hawg Maws, Rev. Fried Chicken, and Rev. Curl Activator will find themselves on the losing-end of this scale, resulting in a mass-walkout i.e. Boycott of the Black Church, led by none other than the piano playing-boys, choir boys, alter-boys, oran-juice-pouring-boys, Gay and Lesbian members of the choirs and members in general. This could result in an economic downturn of the black community’s most powerful business; Chuch. Just imagine, a third of your heavenly flock, gone. It’s almost biblical in proportion. Just food for thought fellas.









To be fair, Obama’s critics aren’t all racists or anti-Gay black Church proponents. In fact most can be broken down into 3 classifications; 1-Racists (now spending a lot of time verbalizing how they re not racists, while making racist statements), 2-Gullible (the Joe-Six-Packs who rarely understand anything), 3-Blacks who drank the conservative talk-radio and/or Tavis Smiley Kool Aid while still asking “what’s he done for us?”

It’s not that Obama hasn’t been busy, his approval of Gay Marriage pretty much clinched the  LGBT vote, and the S&M Bill (Spaniards and Mexicans, i.e. immigration reform). I’m still wondering when will he pay attention to my vote; the straight, regular, traditional, black male, black family (SRTBMBF) bill? This may sound funny but it’s no laughing matter. A national anti-racial profiling law right about now would be right on time. The climate is now.

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