Let’s start today’s post out with a clarifying disclaimer:  I support both women and men as they strive for equality and fair treatment in their lives.  That being said, as a woman, I am a great supporter of encouraging women to live full lives, on whatever terms best suit them.

In the infancy of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970′s, there was an intense pressure for our gender to prove that we were smart enough, strong enough and capable enough to “have it all”.   Ultimately, for many women that meant we were pushed, pulled and overstretched into so many directions that life became one long stress filled marathon—-with all of the blood pressure, stroke and heart disfunction problems long associated with accomplished businessmen.

Fortunately, the pendulum of women’s rights has swung back to a middle ground, encouraged by a feminine wisdom that today encourages us to follow our individual paths to the best of our abilities—ever mindful of the women before us who gave so much in order for all women to succeed and achieve.

I write about this today after being asked when I think the “glass ceiling” in Erie County politics will be broken and a woman will finally be chosen as the chairperson of a political party?  My response is the same one I have been giving for years….when women finally realize that we are more than half of the population. and when we register, vote, run and strongly support fellow women candidates, we will have the power and control~ It’s up to us. We have the ability…we have to stop sitting back and waiting for someone to give it to us.