The WNY Peace Center  and Occupy Buffalo protesters showed up at the Buffalo Common Council today asking them to make Buffalo the “first drone-free city in the US”.


The City of Buffalo has a chance to be the first in the country to ban Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as drones.

A group of activists and community leaders came to City Hall on Tuesday to have their say in front of the Common Council Legislation Committee.

“You guys have an opportunity to make Buffalo the first drone-free city in the United States, and I hope you take that seriously,” John Washington of Occupy Buffalo told lawmakers.

While the city has not been approached by the federal government or any other entity about purchasing drones, about 20 people showed up for Tuesday’s public hearing to encourage lawmakers to support a proactive ban.

Meanwhile the Elmwood Villa

ge BANANAS ( Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) showed up at Tuesday’s Planning Board meeting to complain that a Panera Bread wants to take over the Blockbuster Video store on Elmwood Avenue.

The complaint?  Tinted doors!

“While I am not in favor of national chains … I don’t deny their right to be on Elmwood Avenue,” said Daniel Sack of Lancaster Avenue. “It is a sign of success of the Elmwood Village, I would say.”

Sack said the darkly tinted glass doors depicted on the plans don’t meet Elmwood Village design standards for transparent glazing. And he was critical about the lack of additional detail. “I would encourage them to come up with a much better design,” Sack said.