This is the first post of what should be many more to follow where Joe and Brandon go back and forth on the hottest topics hovering around the Buffalo sports scene. Now that it’s August, the most important thing on any Bills and Sabres fans’ mind is what to expect for the upcoming 2012-13 seasons. Are we in for an exciting ride, or have our beloved franchises once again set us up for severe disappointment? 

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Brandon: Alright so, essentially, we’re debating the promise of two teams eternally notorious for dropping their fans on our heads every time we raise our expectations slightly above mediocrity. This should be fun. The feeling around Buffalo right now seems like it’s pretty much a polar opposite from everybody’s mindset last August, which was, of course, the Bills will suck forever and the Sabres will obviously win the Stanley Cup. Now, with the addition of Mario Williams and the skyrocketing popularity of Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix, the Bills can do no wrong. Conversely, it seems no one in the Sabres’ organization is safe from scrutiny (even Vanek, apparently, since I had to waste 2,000 words defending him last week). It’s amazing how the tables have turned so drastically in a year’s span. Is it right? I’m not sure. Lets debate.