It’s true….we women are connected by our anatomy—with one of the most predominant parts being our bosoms!

Howver, the serious issue related to women’s breasts is cancer and the staggering number of women…and men….who have lost their lives to this invasive disease. 

We have all been touched by the tragedy of breast cancer through family and friends who have struggled with and lost their battles.  I can calculate three family members and half a dozen friends who have received a breast cancer diagnosis that has turned into a death sentence.

However on the positive side, there are women who have fought and won the breast cancer battle.  These women exist as bright beacons of hope in the disease’s dark dispair.  They are the reason that I am asking people to join me in the upcoming Bosom Buddies Walk in support of those battling to survive their breast cancer diagnosis

This is the 18th annual Bosom Buddies walk.  This year’s edition will be part of the new and exciting Taste of East Aurora Event happening Saturday, September 15 ( 

As soon as I heard about  this event, I thought it would be great if all of the wonderful women who support my candidacy would walk with me in support of those dealing with breast cancer….especially since there is a one in eight chance that any of one of us will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in our lifetimes.

The walk starts at 9:30am. and finishes up at 11am with a Post Party Auction.  There is a $10 registration fee and a minimum $25 fund raising pledge for all walk participants, with the money going to breast cancer research at Roswell Park.  It’s easy to sign up.  Just go to my Abt For Assembly Team Page

I will give free Abt For Assembly tee shirts to the first ten women who join my team.  Also know that if you cannot afford the $10 registration fee, there are Abt For Assembly/Bosom Buddy grants available by contacting me at

Please join me….come out and walk together in support of my candidacy as a woman who is truly engaged and cares about this community. Join me and walk together in support of everyone touched by breast cancer. Join me and walk together for the simple reason that we are, after all, bosom buddies!!