Campaign Endorsements are a funny thing.  To some, they are a guiding light toward choices that should make on election day.  To others, they are an indicator of how a campaign is being funded and what special interests a candidate may support.

I have a different take on endorsements.  To me, as a candidate, it’s my responsibility to reach out to every group, every organization and every individual interested in learning more about me and my perspective on serving as a NYS Assemblywoman.  I am not overly concerned whether our viewpoints perfectly dove tail, or if our political agendas completely connect the dots.  Rather I am interested in hearing other view points, learning new life lessons and understanding the many challenges that face the 147th district outside of that which I already have experienced and know. 

That is why I am always pleased to receive endorsements, whether they come with campaign funds or not, as I believe they help to form the foundation of what will become a solid constituent service base when I am elected. 

So as I approach the two week mark to my Independence Primary,  I want to thank the following groups and organizations for their endorsements:

Democratic Party of both Erie and Wyoming Counties

Working Families Party

Southtowns Democratic Committee

WNY Democrats For Progress

The Women’s TAP Fund

UAW Region 9

I also greatly appreciate the continued public support of Congresswoman Kathy Hochul.   I look forward to acknowledging further endorsements as I win the upcoming September 13 primary and continue through my election in November.