I never really gave much thought to a central point for my campaign.  The idea of paying monthly rent and utiliites, plus all of the equipment required to properly set up an office seemed like money not well spent.  However, due to the generousity of one of Eden’s wonderful town merchants, I have a wonderful HQ space set right in the center of town.  And for an Irish girl like myself…..the great news is that it’s right next door to O’Brien’s Pub!

The added bonus to the new HQ is the Stone Soup process that is bringing the office to life.  One of my trusty campaign volunteers created a HQ wish list and marked items he has at home and is willing to donate for the next three months of the campaign.  He then circulated the list and asked other volunteers what items they might have gathering dust in their basements or attics.  As a result, I’m  pleased to say that we have created a very professional campaign HQ.

Of course, living in a farm town, one of the prime Main St. business responsibilities is providing a flower display outside the main entrance.  Never one to shirk my responsibilities, I went to work planning and plotting a container that would look instantly appropriate for mid summer and also raise the interest of those passing by.

Ultimately, thanks to Zittel Family Farms and Garden Sensations, I created two beautiful displays that not only meet Eden’s Bicentennial red, white and blue theme, but also celebrate the town’s long-running and well known Corn Festival!  And yes…those are real corn stalks in that planter! 

Question of the day….what do you think is Eden’s top summer vegetable crop?