Kevin Gaughan recently visited northern Pennsylvania to get a first-hand look at the latest horizontal fracking well to be opened in Warren County, Pennsylvania, just over the New York border.

Speaking with residents, and touring the ‘man camp’ that surrounds the well, I saw the harmful effect this industry has on the health and well being of a community,” Gaughan said.  “This violent wounding of the earth has vast unknown consequences that should not be introduced into Western New York.”

 Here is Gaughan’s fracking position paper, expressing his “absolute opposition” to the practice, which he released last month when he became fhe first and most forceful fracking opponent in this assembly race.

Horizontal fracking is the practice of injecting at high pressure a mix of chemicals and liquids into underground shale formations to extract natural gas.

“Whether it’s riding a bus or visiting a fracking well, public servants have a duty to not only research but as well see and experience an issue to be able to understand and judge it,” Gaughan concluded.