I know what you are thinking…Why on earth would someone who hates preseason do a Q&A with a Vikings blog? Well, the peeps at The Purple Jesus Diaries reached out to me and asked, that’s why. Yes, the two snakebitten franchises when it comes to choking in the big game would have absolutely no luck playing Party Bingo, are facing off. However, maybe they will have better luck in the future. Here are 7 hard hitting questions about the Vikings and if you wanna hear my responses to their questions, check out their site.

1) How has Christian Ponder looked to you guys?

Better? But that’s not saying a ton. In most fans eyes, he is a guy that was drafted probably higher than he should have been, who had a rookie season where his learning was interrupted by the lock out and fat ass McNabb, but has still shown flashes of cold blooded-ness and smart quarterback play. Obviously, mixed in with some bone headed throws. But it was a typical rookie performance last year. We are anticipating a big step for him this season. We’re not looking for Aaron Rodgers’ numbers (although that’d be nice) but would like to see smarter decision making, more down field throws, and greater chemistry. In the first game so far, there’s been potential shown for all of that, so we’re still cautiously optimistic that we have a franchise quarterback for the first time since Daunte Culpepper. Remember him? God we’ve sucked for a while.