I have been a magazine and newspaper profile writer for over 30 years and an Op-ed columnist for 15 years.  I know the time and effort it takes to produce a compelling and factually correct story.  I also know how easy it is to misquote or accidentally misrepresent an interview subject.  It happens to the best of journalists, especially in today’s short turn around, deadline-driven media world.  That is why media interviews can be a double edged sword—the interview subject’s name gets out to readers but, on occasion, with inaccurate information attached.

In the last week I have enjoyed the pleasure of sitting down with reporters from the two prime newspapers that cover Wyoming County—The Daily News and The Country Courier.   They are publications with which I am newly familiar, with staff whom I have never before met.  Both reporters, Matt Surtel from The Daily News and Bryan Jackson of The Country Courier (both graduates of St. Bonaventure) were professional and engaged.  Both also took the time to ask more than the perfunctory questions about my run for the NYS Assembly in the 147th District.

Today Matt Surtel’s interview published and, aside from a minor factual error (I only attended St. Patrick’s School in Java Center for one month,) the interview is spot on and true to my candidacy.  So as a candicate I want to thank Matt for his time and his efforts and as a fellow journalist, I say, good job!.  It is invaluable that my message was delivered fairly to Daily News readers.