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                             Bull’s City

by James Tricoli, Editor

I contacted several citizens who expressed an interest in stopping the swap of golf courses between the Mensch developers, who own the Westwood County Club and the Town of Amherst and our Audubon Golf course.  The group had questions and were concerned how neighborhoods would be impacted as well as taxes. 

When this deal came to the attention of the general public as to what lands the two sides were going to swap, interest started to peak as to what was really going to happen.  What other property was being put on the table?

The Mensch Group held an informational meeting to explain what they plan to build on the Amherst properties if this deal becomes a reality. They are negotiating to obtain others pieces of land like our soccer and baseball fields as well as additional pieces.  The Audubon golf courses will no longer exist. It will be the ground where the ‘Concetre Jungle ” will stand.

The Mensch Group plans to build a small city for U.B. students to use as their own playground.  The entire city the Mensch Group plans to build is geared for U.B. students.

This development could be called “U.B. Bulls City on Maple Road.”  A good idea would be for U.B. to annex this development and have it pay city taxes to Amherst.